Back on His Own Terms

Reporter Jamey Tucker signed off from WKRN in Nashville in May.

While Tucker left the station, he did not leave TV news and has been working on his syndicated segment on consumer products and reporting.

Tucker tells FTVLive that WRCB in Chattanooga just picked up his reports. 

Tucker's “What the Tech?” will be airing on WRCB's weekday evening newscasts.

“We found these to be unique and broadly relevant,” said WRCB­ News Director Derrall Stalvey. “The topics appeal to someone still using a flip­phone the same as they do to someone who likes to fly a drone while riding a hoverboard,” Stalvey said.

“I will be the first to admit that I am not usually a fan of franchise segments; they feel outsourced and not local,” said Stalvey. “Jamey feels like part of our team with customized tags and he is always open to localizing an idea,” he said.

WRCB­ is the fourth network affiliate to carry the news franchise. WKRN­ in Nashville, TN, WAAY­ in Huntsville, AL, and WPSD­ in Paducah, KY began airing the news segment in 2011.

“I’m very happy to be working with the WRCB newsteam,” said producer and reporter Jamey Tucker. “Viewers in Chattanooga are no different than anywhere else; they’re online, on smartphones, using gadgets and Facebook. I believe WRCB viewers will notice there is a station in town covering those things with a regular news segment,” said Tucker.