Peyton Manning Fires back at Al Jazeera Report

Al Jazeera has come out with a story that star NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning used the banned substance HGH while recovering from neck surgery.

Manning denied the report in a number of interviews calling the reports "complete trash."

The Al Jazeera documentary, "The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers," aired earlier that day and included the claim that a clinic mailed human growth hormone and other drugs to Manning's wife.

"It’s completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage," Manning told ESPN host Lisa Salters. He denied ever using HGH. He also said he attended the Guyer Institute in Indiana -- where the pharmacist worked who alleged sending HGH to Manning's wife -- to recover from a neck injury in 2011.

As to how or why the drug HGH was mailed to his wife Ashley, Peyton would not say and seemed to try and distance himself from his wife in regards to her medical history. 

Manning did not deny her being a patient at the same clinic that he attended for his neck problems, saying only that the report "violated" her medical history and privacy.

"Any medical treatments that my wife received, that’s her business," he said. "That has nothing to do with me. Nothing that's been sent to her or [that] my wife has used have I ever taken. Absolutely not. I have my treatments that I do, she may have hers and that is her business. There's no connection between the two."

A spokesman for Manning confirmed to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport that Manning's wife was a patient at the clinic and did have a prescription but wouldn't confirm what it was.

Manning has said that he will probably sue Al Jazeera.

"Probably sue"?, shouldn't this be a no brainier? If the report is wrong, as Manning says, his lawyer's should have been at the courthouse first thing this morning. 

If he doesn't sue, it would appear that maybe the report wasn't wrong.

Al Jazeera has continued to stand behind their story.

H/T HuffPo