Lawsuit Against KNBC Ends in Mistrial

The age discrimination suit brought against KNBC and NBC by 72 year old Frank Snepp ended in a mistrial.

Judge Stephen Moloney declared a mistrial inSnepp’s age discrimination suit, after a jury of six men and six women remained deadlocked in its deliberations. 

The trial began November 23, 2015, and the case went to the jury on December 18, 2105.  A new trial date has yet to be determined, but is anticipated in early Spring 2016. 

“While we believe the majority voted for Frank Snepp, we didn’t quite get to the magic number of 9 out of 12 jurors needed to reach a verdict,” stated Snepp's lawyer Suzelle M. Smith.  "We look forward to trying the case again as soon as possible.  During trial due in part to the press coverage we have learned even more about NBC's discriminatory conduct towards its older employees.  Mr. Snepp and his legal team are committed to seeing justice done no matter how long it takes. "

Snepp filed an age discrimination lawsuit against NBC News on October 1, 2013 after being fired from the station a year earlier.