What the Hell?

WFOR Managing Editor Alissa Merlo got in a fight with her son and he recorded the argument and posted it on social media. 

Alissa's son Harrison a teenager who describes himself as a Christian school pupil, shot the video of the altercation with his mother in their Coral Gables home.

He they posted the video to the WFOR Facebook page, writing, “On behalf of CBS 4 news team, I highly suggest you see this. Managing editor Alissa Gross (my mom) has officially gone crazy."

He then wrote, “She has threatened to send me away to courts and every night she has a crazy panic attack similar to this one but can get even more intense at times.

“She installs fear in mine and my brothers life and says I’ll be gone by tomorrow morning for no exact reason."

Not sure what the hell is going on in that household, but let's hope that the people get the help they need.

Fairly certain this is one home that will not be having a Merry Christmas.