Fired Anchor Using Social Media to Try and Get Her Job Back

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WBRC had fired Weekend Anchor/Reporter Karen Church (don't worry the other websites should get around to that story today).

Church was sacked after filing an erroneous report that Birmingham City Councilman Marcus Lundy had turned himself in to the Birmingham City Jail following an altercation with Birmingham Mayor William Bell.

Lundy was in fact not at the jail, as Church reported in her story.

The station fired her and now Church has turned to social media to try and get her job back.

She is posting contact information for Raycom (owners of WBRC) corporate and phone numbers of her ex-bosses at the station.

She is also asking people to contact the station's major advertisers to complain about her firing.

Here are some of her posts to Facebook (by the way, the typos are hers not mine. God knows I make enough of my own to start getting credit for someone else):