Another Day, Another Trump Attack

Conservative writer and CNN contributor S.E. Cupp got the Donald Trump treatment yesterday. Cupp was appearing on CNN and of course Trump was watching, because that guy watches more TV than anyone in history.

But, Trump thought the conservative Cupp was boring, so he took to his third favorite thing (after himself and TV) Twitter and blasted another woman:

Of course she's biased, that's why she is on CNN as the Conservative commentator.

It's interesting, because when CNN named Cupp to the ill fated Crossfire show, Trump had this to say.

No....the show was excellent, in fact it was awful and it was canceled fairly quickly. Proving that Trump is not meant to be a media critic.  

By the way Mr. Trump, if you are watching something that is boring, that thing in your hand can be used to magically change the channel.

No, the thing in your other hand.