Look for your Cable Bill to Go Up

NBCUniversal CEO Stephen Burke might not want to get his real estate license.

He and his wife sold their Philly area home that they bought in 2010 for a $1.5 million dollar loss. 

Burke sold his home to ShopRite executive Jeff Brown for $4.3 million bucks. Burke bought the property for $5.8 million back in 2010.

Burke, who previously served as Comcast’s chief operating officer, was in charge of NBCUniversal, which the Roberts family had acquired in a $30 billion merger. The deed for 1817 Delancey Pl. shows that the Burkes now reside on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in a highrise apartment overlooking Central Park.

Burke first put the 8,000 square foot house on the market in 2013 for an asking price of $5.6 million. Twice, the listing price was lowered.

He has finally sold the home at a lost, which means time for another cable bill hike.