MSNBC to Air Another Free Ad for Donald Trump

It appears that MSNBC doesn't think that Donald Trump is getting enough air time, so they are about to give him more.

In a release from the network, they are promoting the fact that they will be airing an original documentary, “Citizen Trump with Chris Matthews.”

"This election season, Donald Trump has tapped into something that's grabbed people's attention. But what has led to this unprecedented moment?  Hosted by Chris Matthews, the documentary takes a look back at Donald Trump’s career and path to politics, chronicling the events that have led to his Presidential run.  This is the first in a series of candidate profiles that will air on MSNBC," says MSNBC about the doc that will air tomorrow night.

Since Chris Matthews is anything but a real journalist, it will be interesting to see what the left wing Matthews says about Trump.

As one cable news executive said to FTVLive, "This is one blowhard doing a documentary on another blowhard."

That about sums it up right there.