Scripps Warns Staffers about Political Involement

Scripps has sent out an internal memo to the employees about what they can and can not do under company policy when it comes to political campaigns.

The memo says that employees are encouraged to get involved in the political process, but to make sure they do it on their own time. 

Of course when it comes to news employees, Scripps is much more strict in their guidelines.

The memo states,  Scripps employee "should avoid having bumper stickers on vehicles supporting a political candidate or political position."

Of course, we're guessing this pertains to all Scripps employees EXCEPT KJRH Tulsa) Assistant News Director Tami Marler (pictured).

Marler has made her political views known in the newsroom and it is clear that she can not stand Hillary Clinton or President Obama.

So has you read the internal memo below, obtained by FTVLive, note that when it comes to Tami Marler, these rules do not apply.

Here's the memo: