Did Pillow Talk Help a B-More Reporter win a duPont?

Let's be honest, winning an Emmy award is not a big deal (sorry....but it's true), but you win a duPont and you have really done something.

But, some Reporters are crying foul after WBAL Reporter Jayne Miller won a duPont for her work on the Freddie Gray story.

What Miller and WBAL did not disclose in the stories is that Miller is in a romantic relationship with the lead prosecuting attorney in the Freddie Gray case.

Miller admitted to the Baltimore Sun that she is in a romantic relationship with Prosecutor Janice Bledsoe.

Some members of the media think that gave Miller more than a leg up on the story she won a duPont for.

"I wonder if they (Columbia University who hands out the duPonts) even knew about her ethical sidestep," said one TV newsie to FTVLive.

WBAL GM Dan Joerres defends the station not disclosing the relationship to viewers.

"I can assure you our news department operates at the highest level of ethical standards as does every department at WBAL," Joerres. "Jayne Miller's 30-plus years of award-winning reporting on the city of Baltimore speaks for itself."

When asked if he was concerned about a conflict of interest or perception of one in Miller's case, he said, "Anytime we have a potential conflict of interest, it's discussed and vetted in an appropriate manner."

The state's attorney's office has yet to comment on the allegations.

If your Reporter is sleeping with the DA involved in the case, she should have not been assigned to the story. It's that simple.

The fact that WBAL never mentioned the conflict makes it that much worse.

As for Miller winning a duPont on a story where she is in a relationship with the DA? That taints the award and the entire process.

Miller, WBAL and Columbia University are falling at full speed down a slippery slope and a lot of people are going to end up with mud on them.

Stay tuned....