Here is the Problem with One Man Band News Crews

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you the story of KMIT (Mason City) Reporter Adam Sallet doing a live shot outside a bank that was robbed on Monday (don't worry, the other TV websites will get to the story Today). 

As the Anchor tossed it to Sallet live, it appears the robber was planning on knocking off the same back again.

A man runs from the bank to tell Sallet that the bank robber walked right past him and was crossing the street behind the camera.

Sallet quickly dumped out of the live shot, so he could go call 911.

What would have been really nice if the camera swung around and showed the bank robber running away. But, since there was obviously no Photographer, viewers were stuck watching Sallet and the bank employee talk about the robber who was just a few yards from them.

Here's the frustrating video once again: