WMC in Memphis did a story about how the TSA is finding a big spike in the number of guns that passengers are trying to take on aircraft.

The station assigned Reporter Andy Wise to the story and this is the way Wise started his story after the Anchor tossed it to him.

"It's no secret I'm a gun guy. I'm a licensed handgun carrier and I'm a vocal proponent of the use of guns for personal protection," Wise said. 

He then proceeded to downplay the number of guns found at the airport since it's out of "hundreds of flights", despite the fact that those numbers are way up over last year.

You can only bet that if the statistics were for any other (non-gun) story it would be a huge problem that demands answers.

Maybe, next time the station should assign a Reporter that doesn't have such a strong bias to the story.

Just saying....

Here is the story that aired: