Fox News Media Critic is Sticking up for Trump

When Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslims entering the US, the media called Trump out.

It was a statement that on it's face was so ridiculous, that if it came from the KKK and not the presidential front runner, no one in the media would have paid it any attention. 

NBC's Tom Brokaw likened Trump's plan to the Holocaust and the Japanese internment, which is exactly what it is.

But, Fox News Media Critic Howard Kurtz, who attacks President Obama and his administration on his social media feeds, thinks the "main stream media" (his words, not ours) has gone off the rails for calling out Trump for his Muslim ban.

Kurtz writes, "when we have Tom Brokaw stepping out of his anchor emeritus role to rip Trump, something has changed."

But did Brokaw really step out of his role, or did his reporting of the facts, just make Trump look bad?

Howie is going to say whatever he THINKS Roger Ailes wants him to say. Fox News sources tell FTVLive that Ailes doesn't really speak to Kurtz that often and that Kurtz just does what, "he thinks Roger would like."

Kurtz writes, "I would say the media’s war on Trump has now gone nuclear."

It appears, that no matter what Trump says and no matter how racist his comments, Howard Kurtz will have his back.

Two peas in a pod and of course no Muslims are allowed in garden.

Right Howie?