Signing Off in the Twin Cities

You can just about stick a fork in WCCO Anchor Mike Binkley, he's almost done.

After 34 years in TV news, the Weekend Anchor is doing his last show on Sunday.

"It's more or less a lifestyle decision," said Binkley "I've had 34 years in this business and it's been entirely night, weekend and early morning shifts. It's the nature of the business -- we have to be working when other people are at home. My wife has been so patient and understanding through all this. I'm really looking forward to being in control of my own hours. I'll keep busy, but I don't know exactly what I'll be doing. I'm looking forward to having free time with her."

Binkley, who turns 58 next week, has been in TV news for 34 years -- 27 of them in the Twin Cities TV news market.

He was with KSTP from 1986 to 2006 before joining WCCO in 2008, where he's currently a weekend anchor and "Finding Minnesota" reporter. He announced his retirement plans in September.

"I'm glad YouTube wasn't around in my early years of broadcasting because I definitely did have a few embarrassing things happen," laughed the Topeka, Kan., native.

"I'm so grateful for the years I've had in this business, it's really all I ever wanted to do," he continued.

H/T Pioneer Press