Scripps Tries to Silence FTVLive

Back on November 4th, FTVLive posted this video of KTNV (Las Vegas) Reporter Marissa Kynaston doing something in the woods.

We have no clue what Kynaston was doing off camera with her grunting and moaning.

Anyway, we posted the short clip to YouTube and wrote the story here on FTVLive.

Although the video was clearly within the guidelines of fair use, KTNV owner Scripps filed a copyright infringement claim with YouTube and the video was pulled.

The idea that a big powerful media company would try and silence a one person website is disturbing to say the least. Also, the fact that the video was clearly used under "fair use" and Scripps still tried to pull it, is shocking.

FTVLive thought about just letting it go, but the more we thought about this censorship by a media company that is supposed to stand for the first amendment, we decided to take action.

FTVLive filed a counter claim and although it took awhile, the video has been restored to YouTube and

So take the time to watch the short :23 second clip again. Not because it is anything awesome or great, but because it will piss off Scripps.

And after their actions, they deserve that at least.