Man Sues WPLG in Miami

When WPLG is not buying fake Twitter followers they like to focus their stories on sex offenders as a way to try and grab ratings.

But a man claims thathe was just parking his car when WPLG made him look like a sex offender. He's now suing the ABC affiliate for defamation.

Gossip Extra writes that Miami resident Wilfredo Batista says in a lawsuit recently filed in a Miami-Dade court he has no idea how his photos ended up being used by billionaire Warren Buffett‘s station, and never gave the ABC affiliate permission to use it.

More importantly: He’s not a sexual offender, but his face flashing on the thousands of TV screens gave viewers the idea he is one, he claims.

We’re told Batista was simply parking his car in Miami Shores when he noticed a Local 10 cameraman filming him. The use of the footage on the air was reported to him by family members.

WPLG’s response: Batista was not identified by name in the 15-second promo, and the news station doesn’t need Batista’s permission to use a photo obtained in public while gathering news.