Trump Killed SNL Skits

Donald Trump appeared on SNL, it brought big ratings, but most people agree that it wasn't very funny. 

If you think the skits that involved Trump were boring and not funny, here's who you can blame.

Donald Trump. 

Trump was on Fox News on Friday night and said that  he nixed a number of potential skits for the show. 

"Yes, I had to. There were a couple that were too risqué," Trump told Bill O’Reilly when asked if he’d rejected some of the proposed scripts. "Because, you know, the poll just came down. I’m leading in Iowa. I want to stay leading in Iowa."

Trump further explained that "SNL" writers produce far more ideas than can be used in a single episode.

"I walk into the room, there are 100 [writers] -- and they’re all about 17 years old, OK?" Trump said. "They come up with many, many skits, and you pick the ones you think you like."

Obviously the ones Trump liked, no one else did. 

H/T HuffPo