Suspended St. Louis Anchor Now Gone from the Station

KTVI Anchor April Simpson was suspended from the station for two weeks.


The station that prides itself on giving you the full story would not say.

Last week, Simpson returned from her suspension and didn't last as long as a leftover sandwich in the station's break room refrigerator. 

"April Simpson no longer works here. We wish her well," said station spokesperson Suzi Mahe, who declined to comment further (i.e we canned her this time). 

Word is that Simpson, who returned from her suspension, engaged in a verbal exchange that led to her and the station parting ways. 

Simpson admitted that she had taken to referring to an intern, who is part Asian and part black, as "Bruce Leroy." 

Simpson said that she was not the only employee to use the moniker, which comes from the 1985 film "The Last Dragon."

When he objected Thursday to the reference, Simpson argued with the intern who then complained to the human resources department, sources said. 

Simpson denied arguing with the intern, but when asked for further response, she said, "That's all I have to say. Frankly, I'm shocked by this."

Later Friday night, Simpson called to say the moniker was used in reference to the intern's physical resemblance to the movie character, not to his racial make-up.

Either way, she's gone from the station, but they do "wish her well".

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch