Right Wing Deuce to Dance for Cash

Back on October 29th, FTVLive told you how former beauty queen and now KJRH Assistant News Director Tami Marler is not a fan of President Obama, or it appears, anyone left of Rush Limbaugh for that matter. 

Station insiders tell FTVLive that they are shocked that the newly hired Deuce would openly bash Obama and other Democrats right in the newsroom.

The Scripps' station tries to pass themselves off as a fair news organization, but one of their decision makers is clearly anything but fair. 

Marler consistently referred to Hillary Clinton as "Billary" as she bashed the presidential candidate time and time again on social media.

After FTVLive's story on Marler, she quickly deleted her Twitter account.

But before it went dark, she posted some gems like this on it: 

Many thought that after FTVLive's story, Scripps would admit to their mistake and let Marler go, since she was clearly inside her probationary period.

Staffers told FTVLive they did not trust Marler's judgement when it came to script approval. 

Insiders tell FTVLive that new News Director Michael McCardel went to bat for Marler and would not admit to a mistake in judgement in hiring her. 

There were those inside Scripps that thought Marler should be bounced without a second thought.

So, what has happened?

Not only is Marler staying on as Assistant ND, but the station is doing stories on her to feed her beauty queen ego.

You expect this from some TV groups, but many thought Scripps was better than that.

It appears that is not the case.

Here is the story the station recently did on Marler: