Alleged Reporter Stalker Used Spoofing Software

The man accused of stalking KYW (Philly) Reporter Erika von Tiehl used spooking software says the FBI.

An FBI data expert told a Philadelphia jury Wednesday that he found a prodigious number of deleted file fragments on accused stalker John Hart's computers, including two Internet programs that enable a user to disguise the computer's identity.

Michael Irvin testified that the websites - "Spoof Your IP Address" and "Spoofing Demystified" - offer software that would have let Hart cloak his computer during Internet searches for private information about CBS3 newscaster Erika von Tiehl.

Irvin said he extracted about eight gigabytes of computer file fragments based on the search terms, including about 12,000 references to von Tiehl.

Irvin said he also found file fragments - computer code left behind on a hard drive after files are deleted - that had links to von Tiehl's name and Intelius, a commercial Internet website that sells personal information collected from public and financial records.

What he could not say, Irvin told the jury, was whether Hart used the spoofing software or Intelius, or if the fragments were just remnants of random Internet searches.

Von Tiehl testified that she briefly dated Hart in late 2011 but broke off the relationship. She said she began getting threatening anonymous text messages, her cellphone was discontinued several times, and passwords on her social media sites were changed.

H/T Philly Inquirer