What Does That Mean?

Of course, I was off yesterday, so CNN's Jeff Zucker figured it was a good day to send HLN boss Abbie Hecht to the unemployment line.

Zucker kicked Hecht to the curb after explaining in a memo how great HLN was doing, writing that HLN "had its highest share of the cable news market in its history" this year.

Well damn! We can't have anything successful going on here, we better get rid of that guy.

But, here is the part Zucker's memo that has FTVLive scratching our head. Zuck writes, "As we look towards 2016, I now believe that by driving HLN's programming during the daytime and overnight hours closer to CNN's, and by utilizing a much stronger library of content that has been built in the last three years...."

What the hell does that mean?

It sounds like HLN might become the "Blackfish Channel" and some Anthony Bourdain onthe side.

Yeah, that will drive the viewers.

Stay tuned....