Reporter Indicted on 3 Felony Charges

A veteran WMUR Reporter got some news she didn't want to hear.

Audrey Cox was indicted on aggravated DWI charges two months after cops say she driving under the influence and hit a 79 year old woman.

Cox was indicted on three Class B felony charges by a grand jury. Two counts of aggravated driving or operating under the influence of liquor with serious bodily injury, one for reckless conduct.

Police busted Cox on Sept. 25 whenthey responded to an accident that was reportedwoman had been struck by a vehicle.

The aggravated DWI indictments state Cox’s alleged drinking and driving led to the collision with the victim, Sandra Dary, and caused fractures to her foot’s fifth metatarsal and her hip. Cox’s reckless conduct charge was attributed to her allegedly striking Dary with her vehicle after having consumed alcohol, according to the indictment.

Dary said at the time of the accident she felt “blessed” to be alive. She said by phone Tuesday her injuries have still been difficult to live with. She will have surgery on her fractured right foot in December, and then another procedure on her fractured back in January, she said.

Dary declined to comment on how she hoped Cox’s case would turnout.

“It’s been kind of miserable. It’s hard to be cheerful when it’s like this, but I’m sorry it happened,” Dary said. “I’m sure she didn’t set out to hit anybody, but she did.”

Cox, a part-time WMUR employee at the time of the accident, was put on leave pending the outcome of the case, the news organization stated in an article on its website at the time.

Cox began working at WMUR in 1994, leaving in 2005 before returning in 2011, according to her biography on the WMUR site. Cox's attorney released a statement the week following the accident, according to WMUR, saying: "It was a regrettable accident, and we are confident when all the evidence is reviewed that alcohol did not play a role in this accident."

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