OH! It was Just a Suggestion....

You may remember last Thursday when FTVLive told you about a KMOV (St. Louis) story about the Belleville School of Ballet putting on a version of the holiday play the Nutcracker.

The story featured interviews with some of the dancers, that included dancer Milana Thouvenot, the daughter of KMOV News Director Brian Thouvenot.

The story made no mention that this was the News Director's daughter and also included a link to where for $18+ you can see the play yourself. 

The St. Louis Post Dispatch picked up on the FTVLive story and asked Brian Thouvenot why there was no disclaimer on the story? 

Thouvenot said the story was suggested as a way to highlight events in the Metro East, where the station plans to soon open a newsroom.

Thouvenot said he did not think a disclaimer explaining the father-daughter relationship was necessary because he did not order a reporter to cover the event, but merely suggested it.

Ummmmm....most people working in TV news, know that when the boss "suggest" something, you do it.

Otherwise you won't be working in TV news much longer.