Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jail

The strange story of former Texas TV Reporter Gabe Caggiano has taken another turn in a federal courtroom. 

Caggiano, who worked in Austin and Corpus Christie was back in federal court this week on charges he stalked and threatened to kill his former boss.

But Caggiano left the courtroom in silver bracelets the judge heard that he was kicked out of the
rehab facility was sent to for fondling himself in front of a two year old child. 

That was enough for Federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez to revoke his $75,000 bond and send him to a jail.

Caggiano is accused of mounting a campaign of stalking, harassment and threats earlier this year, targeting San Antonio television news manager Hollis Grizzard and his wife, Witte Museum President and CEO Marise McDermott.  Grizzard was his boss at KZTV in Corpus Chrsti.  It was also revealed in court that there may be other victims.

"Since this case has become public, three additional victims have come forward," Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Wannarka told the judge.

Caggiano is charged with the federal crime of stalking, and faces up to 5 years in prison if convicted.