The Future Of TV Programming?

There's no denying technology is changing the way people consume television. One company appears ready to change it even more dramatically, and it's no surprise a major broadcast group is involved.....

You probably haven't heard of The Video Call Center, but chances are, you will. The folks at TEGNA are certainly hoping so.  The technology is interesting in that it allows stations to produce entire programs or bring in multiple LIVE shots, with no equipment in the field. It's all done with wifi and webcams.

When TEGNA CEO Gracia Matore heard about this, she flew in to the 'garage' in a suburban NYC community to see for herself. When she left, the Steve Jobs-esque set-up had a big fat check and a commitment for development. Since then, all kinds of rehearsals and mock shows are being produced from KUSA. One of the partners is Diane Dimond, a nationally recognized investigative journalist and one of the originals on Hard Copy.

On the station side, it's a one-man operation; no directors, TD's, audio, graphics, cameramen, etc. Can you hear Perry Sook's ears perking up already?

The name is a little '80's, but once TEGNA's creative services department gets involved, we're sure they'll make it necessary to sustain your life and give it a fancy new name.

Here are the nuts and bolts, including how you can test it out, yourself.