ex-KTVK ND Back In Phoenix?

FTVLive is hearing that a former Phoenix ND, is being wooed to come back....

Scott Diener, who once ran KTVK (when it was owned by Belo), is supposedly on his second trip back to Phoenix. FTVLive sources have confirmed that most recent ex-KCBS ND met with Meredith duopoly GM Ed Munson a couple of months ago. Munson wanted Diener to be a co-news director with Leona Wood. Of course, Diener did what any relatively smart person would do, and said, "No freak'n way". Well, Wood is out, and apparently Meredith still wants Diener.

Sources tell us Diener is on his second visit with Munson. I guess we'll have to see if this one works out. We'll offer some advice and encourage Diener to take the gig if he likes Phoenix. Our prediction is he'll outlast his potential new boss.