That Sounds Familiar

FTVLive told you that some staffers at Scripps owned KJRH in Tulsa are not comfortable with their new Assistant News Director, Tami Marler and her strong right wing leanings, that she openly discusses in the newsroom. 

Well, now it appears that KJRH is also showing that when it comes to a news tagline, why not just  barrow one from the competition?

KJRH has started using the tagline "Covering The News That Matters To You".

Seems like harmless regurgitated consultant crap, but it is also very close to crosstown rival KOKI's, "Covering News That Matters."

Word is that Cox owned KOKI has taken note of the new KJRH ad campaign and is exploring legal options to protect what they originally branded their newscast as.

It appears that just adding the words words "The" and "To You" may not end a copyright violation claim.

Stay tuned....and if you ask Tami Marler, we're sure she would tell you that this is all Obama's fault.

Thanks Obama.