Just a Bump

A WJHL (Johnson City, PA)  news car struck a student on the campus on East Tennessee State University.

Of course, since the story involves their station, it was interesting to see how WJHL covered it.

This is what they posted online:

"A News Channel 11 vehicle was involved in an crash earlier today while covering a story on the ETSU campus.   Around 11 Thursday morning, a News Channel 11 employee bumped into a person walking across the street. The accident was slow speed and the student wasn’t seriously injured, but did to go the hospital to be checked out.   Our employee was ticketed for failing to yield to a pedestrian."

You have to love how the station says the WJHL staffer (who they do not name) just "bumped" into the student. You know....kind of like old friends "bumping" into each other at the market.