Twin Cities Investigative Reporter Jumps from Paper to TV

One of the best Investigative Reporters in Minneapolis is going to try his hand at TV news.

Paul McEnroe left the Star Tribune and he is his hanging his hat at KSTP, with the goal of jump­-starting the station’s investigative unit.

McEnroe left a job, where as he admits, he had nearly everything he wanted, including the time to do the work he liked and the consistent support from a series of editorial managers.

So why leave for the world of TV news, where you are expected to crank out stories one after another? 

 “It just came time to, oh, I don’t know, step back, I guess, and think about what I want to do with the rest of my life," McEnroe said. 

“But I’m telling you, I was treated very, very, very well at that paper," he said. "They gave me great latitude and showed great patience. They gave me what every reporter hopes for, namely, room and the time to think big, think long and think deep. In this age with papers that’s a rare thing. So I’m grateful, yeah.”

At KTSP, McEnroe will be given an Executive Producer title along with a three-year contract.

"This is something new and yet still familiar, and there’s a vacuum for this sort of thing. We’re going to fill it.”

H/T Minn Post