Maine Anchor/Model is Out the Door

FTVLive has been telling you a number of times about how WMTW Anchor Erin Ovalle was continuing to pop up as a model in ads for local businesses.

We wondered how the station could let their Anchor shill for local businesses and not do anything about it.

Well, it appears that Ovalle and and WMTW are about to part ways.

Sources tell FTVLive that the morning Anchor/part-time glamour model is leaving the station after the November book.

Sources say that Ovalle has announced to co-workers and several others in the Portland TV market that she and WMTW could not come to terms on a new contract and therefore will be leaving the station.

Ovalle has told her inner circle that she was looking for a 'part time role as morning anchor', but WMTW management wanted her to work full time and for her to have an expanded role with social media, and they wouldn't budge. 

Word from WMTW is that the station was growing tired of what has been described as a  'separate set of rules' with her hours and overall appearance and demeanor on the air.

Ovalle has told her inner circle and others in the Portland TV market that she is in process ofinterviewing  with rival stations WCSH and WGME.  

Stay tuned.