Live from a Tree

The Anchors of KVUE in Austin interviewed a man on the phone that was stuck in a tree, surrounded by flood waters.

When  the Anchors started the interview, they had no idea that the guy was still stuck in the tree and help was nowhere to be found. 

The man, Kerry Packer, scrambled up the tree about 9 a.m. with his phone, which apparently had good battery life. Both he and his wife, Cecelia, called 911, and he sent his wife video footage he had taken while he was in his car and surrounded by floodwaters. As he waited to be rescued, she sent the news station, KVUE in Austin, the footage.

Yes, her husband was stranded in a tree and she is sending the video to a TV station. 

Well.... it is Texas. 

Here is how it played out on air: