Here We Go Again....

Another day, another news person showing her political leanings on social media. 

FTVLive told you about the Assistant News Director at Scripps owned KJRH and her tweets that bashed the President and Hillary Clinton. Tami Marler tweeted about President Obama eating fetuses and how the main stream media would spin it into a positive. 

We also pointed out, WTVM (Columbus, Ga) News Director Shawn Reynolds who attacked the Republican Presidential candidates on Twitter during the CNBC debate. 

Now let's head to Rochester, NY and WHEC Anchor Jennifer Mobilia (pictured).

Mobilia has two Facebook pages, one that is her station page, using the name Jennifer Mobilia. The other is her personal page using the name Jennifer Ann, which is her middle name. 

So, we will give Mobilia credit for not posting this comment on her station page:

Problem is, again Mobilia is a public figure that is supposed to be impartial and not let her personal feelings become public. 

Say Hillary Clinton stops by Rochester and Mobilia is sent to interview her. Will anyone look at her as fair and impartial. Now say a Republican candidate comes to town. Do you think her interview will be fair. 

In the world of social media times are changing, but TV news people need to stick to the code of keeping their opinions to themselves. 

One Facebook post and Mobilia has thrown all her credibility out the window. 

TV news people need to stick to uploading pictures of their turkey sandwiches and keep the politics off social media and out of the newsrooms.

Just saying...