Sloan Sabbith Smacks the Media After Report

Olivia Munn, who plays fake Journalist Sloan Sabbith on HBO's the newsroom has a message for "real" Journalists, "do your job better."

Munn's name was dropped but Fox Sports, Washington Post and Milwaukee area media as the reason the Green Bay Packers are losing. 

The gist of the stories is basically since Olivia Munn starting dating Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, the team has been awful and losing games. 

Fox Sports wrote, "One Journal Sentinel commenter thinks he knows what's up. According to him, Rodgers' girlfriend, Hollywood actress Olivia Munn, is to blame for the team's slump and the All-Pro passer's pedestrian outings."

Fox Sports then posted the "fans" comment:

It appears that commentator  "intewedm" is also a racist. That wasn't pointed out in the sports stories, but it was by Munn. Munn did a quick search of "intewedm's" comments and found out the guy is nothing more than a racist troll.

So, it a Twitter post, Munn blasted the media: 

It's never a good thing when a fake Journalist seems to make better sense than the real ones.

Just saying.....