Reporter Appears to have Gone Silent after His Arrest

When KMSP Reporter Jack Highberger was arrested covering a "Black Lives Matter" protest, no one seemed happier than Jack Highberger.

Highberger seemed to be very happy that he was getting some attention for his arrest. He joked about his mug shot.

He says he has "no intention of stopping" doing his job.  He posted to Facebook and Twitter about this arrest. Of course as he was being arrested, he made sure he mugged for the camera shooting video.

But it appears that his bosses at the Fox O&O are starting to reign Highberger in a bit. He has gone silent on social media and is no longer commenting on his arrest.

Station management is also not talking about his arrest.

Looks like Jack was wisely told to cool it with his "it's all about me" reporting.

But you just know, that somewhere in his house, he already has his mugshot in a frame and proudly displayed on a wall.