Can Someone Teach Chuck Todd How to Hold His Phone?

For some reason, kids with iPhones easily know how to hold their iPhone when shooting video. Anyone over the age of 35, doesn't have a clue.

Like NBC's Chuck Todd.

Todd likes to post preview video teasers of his MSNBC show on his Facebook page. Problem is, old Chuck still holds his phone straight up and down, so you get the back bars on the side.

Also....what's up with all the headroom Chuck? You could fly a plane over your head buddy. 

Here's Todd doing his thing:

Previewing today's Meet the Press Daily on MSNBC. It's your debate preview show and then some. Take a look. Show this in my 30Rock temp office

Posted by Chuck Todd on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Now, let's look at NBC's Betty Nguyen, who makes sure the phone is held sideways:

Here's Betty's look at some of this morning's big stories...which ones do you like?

Posted by First Look on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Despite the fact that Betty looks much better than Chuck, her video does as well. So, come on Chuck, get with the program and turn your phone on its side for video.