Signing Off in Denver

After 40+ years in TV News, a longtime Denver Reporter says you can stick a fork in him....he's done. 

KUSA Reporter Mark Koebrich will retire in early 2016.

He will continue to anchor the 4 p.m. newscast until then.

This is his 46th year in TV news, most of it at KUSA. He started at the station in 1978 at age 28. 

"You never know what it's going to be like when you get to this moment, but it is really good!" he said Tuesday.

He has outlasted nine station managers, seven news directors and 30 co-anchors.

"The key to survival was to be the person they needed at the moment. I've done every time period," including eight years on the morning show, two years in Washington, D.C., and the failed experiment "Good Afternoon Colorado." 

The future holds more skiing, golf and time with three grandkids in California.

He broke the news on the air Tuesday, saying, "I have spent my entire adult working life in television newsrooms, a lot of time with people I have come to love, but not enough time with the one I loved first and most," Koebrich said, referring to his wife, Cathy. "And it is time for Cathy and me to embark on our next chapter."

"His dedication and commitment to the people of Colorado is unmatched," said 9News president and general manager Mark Cornetta.

Koebrich will return occasionally post-retirement as fill-in anchor.

H/T Denver Post