Ummmmm...You Sure You Wanted to Post that? (Updated)

Former CNN Reporter Shannon Travis made a trip down to Orlando to interview for an Anchor job.

Fox O&O WOFL in Orlando did not do a good job of keeping the interview on the QT.

How bad was it?

Travis shot an anchor audition and the station posted it to their website;

Seriously, the 20+ minute anchor audition  was posted for anyone to see on the station's website (screen shot above).

In fact as of this morning the "Anchor Test" is still posted on the station's website.   Although we're betting that the Fox Television suits (who are huge fans of FTVLive) will have the video pulled as soon as they see this story. 

How would you like to secretly slide into another market for a job interview and have the station post the audition tape on their website? 

Let's hope Travis gets the job, it might save him a lot of embarrassment and some explaining. 

Shaking my head. 

Update: As predicted, the Fox O&O pulled down the video after they read the story on FTVLive.  Don't worry Fox, FTVLive is looking out for you.  You can thank us later.