Not Another One....

Last week, FTVLive told you about the Assistant News Director at Scripps owned KJRH and her tweets that bashed the President and Hillary Clinton. Tami Marler tweeted about President Obama eating fetuses and how the main stream media would spin it into a positive. 

Somehow, Scripps still hired her to be a news manager at their Tulsa station.

After FTVLive broke the story, Marler deleted her social media accounts and there has been ongoing meetings with Scripps management about what to do. The idea that she is still well within her 90 day probation period, Scripps should just pull the rip cord and let her go. But, if she has hung on this many days after the FTVLive story broke, it appears that Scripps is going to keep her. 

How the hell they can justify is beyond us. How can you have a news manager that is so blatantly biased making editorial decisions is almost unfathomable.

Now let's go to Columbus  GA and find a News Director who's on the other side of the political isle. 

WTVM News Director Shawn Reynolds made his feelings known during the debate on CNBC, that he is clearly not a fan of the GOP.

In fact, Reynolds does not think any of those that participated in the debate will or can become President. 

Again, a person that has editorial control at a TV station is tweeting his feelings about the Republicans. He certainly doesn't seem to be a Donald Trump fan either:

How did he fell watching the debate?

Hey Shawn, you live in Small town Georgia , that's as close is you will get to Mars on planet earth. 

No word what parent company Raycom thinks of their News Director's tweets, but maybe they will handle it better than Scripps is doing in Tulsa.

Then  again, maybe not.