Nexstar Reporter Post Racist Tweet, Claims He Was Hacked

WJET Reporter Alex Peterson posted a tweet on Halloween that was nothing short of racist. 

Here is the Tweet that was posted: 

After all kinds of backlash, Peterson pulled that tweet along with some others and then claim he never posted it. 

Peterson said that he "lost" his phone and someone else posted the tweet. 

As much as we would like to believe him, we don't. Really?! Someone finds your phone and posts that? 

Call us cynical, but we're calling bullshit.

Also, some should teach Peterson how to tweet a tease. Using the word "killer" in a puppy mill story is not the right choice of words. He's using the word "killer" as in it's a great story. Since many puppy mills are known for killing dogs, that might have not been the right word.

Then again, maybe the person that stole his phone tweeted that killer tweet as well. 

WJET owner Nexstar should be looking at getting Peterson some kind of training, or getting him the hell off Twitter. 

Just saying...