BREAKING: Charlotte Weatherman Arrested....Again

There is no story posted in the local paper, or by the station as of yet, but it appears that WSOC Weatherman John Ahrens has been arrested again. 

FTVLive told you 6 days ago that Ahrens was arrested by police after his wife claims he through rocks at her. 

Ahrens spent last weekend in Jail before being released. 

Now, it appears that he is spending another weekend in the crossbars hotel. 

According to the Mecklenburg County website, Ahrens was booked into jail yesterday evening at 5:34PM.

His mugshot looks almost identical to the one from last week. Although his shirt is different, the look on his face is a mirror image. 

The site says he was arrested for violating a Protective Order.  

After his last arrest, his wife obtained a protective order against Aherns.