WOIO 'News' Sends Employee To Hospital

WOIO has been suffering from tough PR since Raycom hired a new GM and ND in Cleveland.

ND Fred D'Ambrosi is more affectionately known as Freddy Krueger when it comes to slashing salaries and making budget cuts. GM Dominic Mancuso signed off on eliminating the 19 Action News branding in favor of generic Cleveland 19 (Yawn). But change went to a whole new level when 911 had to be called.

Seems Raycom is centralizing some payroll and HR duties. That means, another cut at WOIO. The station's 60-something year old director of payroll was called in and told her job was being eliminated. She had been there 30+ years. After delivering the bad news, management told her they still needed her to work for a few more days.

Sources say the beloved employee started having panic attacks and then fainted. Paramedics had to be called. Insiders say the woman is OK. No word on whether WOIO docked her pay for the time she was at the hospital.