Is Presidential Candidate Boycotting CNN?

Donald Trump made headlines when he said he was boycotting Fox News, a move that lasted about 10 minutes.

But, another GOP candidate might be boycotting a cable news station, but doing so quietly.

CNN says that they have sent daily interview requests to Marco Rubio for the past 2 months.. The network claims the campaign has passed. on every request.

Some claim that CNN has been taking unfair shots at Rubio, but the campaign has not made such a claim and is not talking. 

Rubio spokesperson Alex Conant said simply: "We don't comment on our media strategy." 

Rubio's last appearance on CNN was August 7, and it got tense. 

It was the day following the first GOP presidential debate on Fox News, and CNN's Chris Cuomo questioned Rubio's position on abortion. The two debated on-air for several minutes about whether Rubio's support of legislation that included a carve-out for abortion in cases of rape and incest amounted to support for the carve-out itself. 

"So it seems that you had your own record wrong. Is that something you want to correct this morning?" Cuomo said. 

The normally polished Rubio appeared to stumble a bit before saying that Cuomo had it wrong. "No, I, that's, that's. That's not true," Rubio said. 

CNN writes that Since that Aug. 7 interview, Rubio has steadily gained support in the polls. And as his stock has risen, Rubio has been visible on other television outlets.

So, if he has, as CNN says, "steadily gained support in the polls" maybe he doesn't need CNN to get out his message. 

Also, maybe unlike Trump, when he decides to boycott something, he actually does it.

Stay tuned....