James Carville Trashes New Orleans Station's Debate

Left wing Political Commentator James Carville pulled no punches when critiquing WDSU's recent gubernatorial debate.

In fact he called it "disgraceful".

"I was stunned when I watched a video of the station’s recent gubernatorial debate," Carville said.

Carville was not impressed with WDSU Anchor Scott Walker's moderating of the debate. "....Walker dishonored his predecessors by moderating what can only be described as a disgraceful debate. Walker opened with a question about County Clerk Kim Davis, of Morehead, Kentucky, who denied gay couples marriage licenses — an “issue” that already has been resolved … in Kentucky."

"Candidates also were asked if they belong to any gun rights organizations or shooting clubs, as if that somehow might make a difference in the lives of Louisiana’s children — or to the hundreds of thousands of Louisiana working people who have no health insurance coverage," Carville said. 

His final shot at the station's debate was a doozy, "If one of my students at Tulane wrote an exam with the same level of competence displayed on WDSU in conducting this debate, I would not only flunk that student, I would call his/her parents and inform them that their child is not only wasting his/her time, but also their money."


H/T The Advocate