Bounced Anchor's Thank You Letter to Chicago

When WBBM parted ways with Anchor Kate Sullivan and replaced her with Irika Sargent, Sullivan was quickly removed from the air.

A large number of viewers reached out to Sullivan on social media to voice their displeasure with her firing and to wish her well.

Sullivan took to Facebook to say goodbye, answer some questions and talk about her uncertain future.

Here is what she wrote:

"I just finished writing everyone back. I cannot believe the outpouring of kindness, love, and support after I was suddenly let go from CBS 2 two weeks ago. I read every single one of the more than ONE THOUSAND comments and emails that you sent to me expressing such INCREDIBLE support and love. 

Here are a few answers to your many questions.

I do not know where I will go. I do not know where I will work. I do not know what city I will live in. I do hope to stay in television. I do continue to be profoundly grateful.

It is in the midst of this recent turn of events that I discovered the depth of your loyalty and friendship. In fact, it has been overwhelming. Here are a few things I have learned from your comments and emails.

Many of you have been through what I have been through…fired..let go…downsized and you were the quickest to offer kindness and support. We are in this together and I appreciate any advice I can get. Keep it coming. No one can prepare you for this so I am humbled by your words of advice. I have taken much of what you have said to heart. I hope to be on the other side one day…and help someone else like you are helping me!

Many of you offered prayers. Because of my own personal beliefs, this is the greatest gift to me and I thank you SO much.

Many of you told me that I must treat this as a gift. I agree. I do not want to squander this opportunity to pivot, learn more, live more and be a student of life. Carpe Diem – Seize the day has always been my motto and this experience is no different. I’m trying to embrace the uncertainty albeit terrifying. 

Thanks again for your incredible support….I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul."