Turning Your Car Into a Boat

A News Photographer in Columbia, South Carolina watched a man try to drive through flood waters and, well, let's say it didn't really work.

The car soon became a boat and was floating down the flooded street, the Photog gave a running commentary and was concerned for the guy in the car. I can assure you, my comments would have been more like, "What were you thinking idiot?!"

The guy finally makes it out of the car and luckily his cigarette survived the entire ordeal. 

You stay classy Columbia.

Car Sucked Into Flooding in Columbia, SC

New Video: The driver is still inside this car as it gets sucked into rushing flood waters in Columbia, South Carolina. (Unmute the sound to hear the photographer)The driver does make it out, but you should never try to drive through high water. It's one of the deadliest mistakes you can make.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Sunday, October 4, 2015