Al Jazeera Clarifies Tweet, But Does Not Apologize

On Saturday, Al Jazeera posted a tweet that played down the deaths of 2 Israeli man and highlighted the death of the  Palestinian man who killed them. 

After getting criticized for tweet on social media, Al Jazeera posted a "clarification" to their website:

They wrote, "Many people in our audience have pointed out that the tweet appears to minimise the killings of the Israeli victims and leaves out the context that the Palestinian man was their attacker.

This criticism is valid and we regret the wording of a tweet written under the pressure of breaking news. The story on the site was briefly headlined with similar wording, which we amended in an update.

Al Jazeera depends on accurate reporting and strives to promptly correct all errors of fact and misjudgements in tone.

We are committed to accountability and transparency and are grateful for this feedback.

We encourage our audience and others to identify and report our mistakes."

Al Jazeera did not apologize for the tweet, just "clarified" it.