Just a Regular Guy

Donald Trump was on NBC's Today Show.....because you know... the election is just a couple of weeks away in November.


Oh...the election is still over a year away, but TV networks can't say no to letting Trump come on the air whenever he wants.

While candidates planning on spending billions of dollars on TV commercials, Donald Trump gets it all for free from any TV network he wants.

But hey, today on Today we learned that Donald Trump is just like the rest of us. He had to work his way up the ladder to rise to the top and he started with nothing. "It's not been easy for me," Trump says. He then told NBC that he got a "small" loan from his dad for a million dollars to help get him started. 

Wait! Huh?

A "small loan of a million dollars...."

Ummmm...ok he is nothing like you and I.

Never mind.

Here's the video of him talking about that teeny tiny loan dad gave him.