Isn't it Ironic....

WSOC in Charlotte proudly claims on their website that , "Channel 9 is teaming up with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police to save lives --sharing intimate stories from victims and abusers."

So while the station is teaming up with the Mecklenburg police to try and stop domestic violence,  it's the same police department that busted the station's Weatherman for domestic violence. 

WSOC's John Ahrens was arrested by police on domestic assault charges after his wife claimed he was throwing rocks at her. 

Ahrens spent the weekend in jail and is appearing in court Today. The station reported the story very briefly and it is almost impossible to find the story on WSOC's website.

So, while the station is fighting back against domestic violence, it seems they aren't fighting nearly has hard when it involves one of their own. 

Maybe the line, people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks is appropriate here. 

Take it away Alanis: