Who wrote that?

FoxNews.com did a story about Pepsi and their limited release of their Back to the Future bottles of Pepsi.

The soda maker took advantage of the 1989 movie “Back to the Future II” when moviegoers caught a glimpse of the future of soda in the form of the sleek-looking Pepsi Perfect when Marty McFly and Professor Brown traveled to Oct. 21, 2015.

Wednesday marked a historic day for “Future” fans and to celebrate, PepsiCo. had arranged for the release of 6,500 limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottles on Oct. 21. But the sale didn’t go as planned.

Pepsi didn’t announce the date and time when the bottles—priced at $20.15-- would be going on sale.  But some fans found out when they discovered that Amazon and Walmart had it for sale on Oct. 20.   The news spread that the sleek bottles were on sale online and some retailers. 

So, when many collectors logged on Oct. 21st. many places were sold out and that had them steaming mad.

There was backlash on social media and Fox News quotes some of those.

The best one? Fox News wrote: 

“Good job Pepsi. You have completely wrecked your image in a matter of hours. These are currently going for $500+ on ebay. Your business plan and market research are quite possibly worse than the actual product itself. Have fun losing out on a bunch of money,” wrote Long Dong Silver.

Wait! Who wrote that?!

Of all the people blasting Pepsi on social media, you picked a person going by the name Long Dong Silver?

BTW- isn't that what Bill O'Reilly calls himself?