Alison Parker's Taylor Swift Tix Given to Girl She Did a Story On

WDBJ Anchor Chris Hurst had gotten some Taylor Swift concert tickets for his girlfriend Alison Parker. 

After Parker was shot and killed during a live interview, Hurst tried to figure out what to do with the tickets to the Swift concert. 

He then remembered that Parker had done a story on Hope and her adoptive mother and it was easy decision. 

Parker had bonded with Hope, a young girl and survivor of child neglect, who she profiled for the WDBJ7 special, Childhood Lost. There were plans for Parker to mentor Hope as she went through school, but that would never happen.

Hurst told Hope and her mother that he wanted them to have the tickets. He also went a step further.

"Behind the scenes, the wonderful people at K92 radio and Republic Records, Swift's label, worked for weeks to secure a meet and greet with her for Hope and her mother! I was texting with Hope's new mother throughout the night and she said the concert was awe-inspiring, just like Alison was."

He called Hope strong and brave, noting how she had impacted his loved one's life.

"Alison was deeply touched by learning Hope's story and vowed to honor her with more reporting on child abuse and neglect. All I have done is simply vow to honor Alison with trying to create as much joy as I can through the trauma and chaos," said Hurst.